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Are you interested to learn how Agriculture Victoria adopted an information management tool that allows a single point of contact to access close access Definition Refers either to the process of providing records for researchers to use in PROV reading rooms, or to the process of determining if records should or should not be withheld from researchers for a period of time. all digital and physical records?

Or maybe you’re keen to hear how the City of Casey embarked on an ambitious journey to transform information management across the organisation and move to paper independence? 

View our latest case studies for government recordkeepers:

The case studies highlight the challenges, processes, technologies and achievements encountered when undertaking recordkeeping close recordkeeping Definition Making and maintaining complete, accurate and reliable evidence of business transactions in the form of recorded information. and information management projects and transfers within Victorian Government Agencies. Small and large scale projects are featured as well as Sir Rupert Hamer Award recipient agencies.

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