Author: Public Record Office Victoria

Author Hazel Edwards is offering a year-long non-fiction masterclass next year, with the aim of participants completing their books by December 2019. The workshop will run in the Victorian Archives Centre close Victorian Archives Centre Definition This is the main repository for Victorian government archives and the offices of Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and National Archives Australia (NAA) Victoria branch. There is a joint reading room at the centre between PROV and the NAA at 99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne. conference room on the first Friday of each month throughout 2019.

This year-long course will appeal to procrastinators and those involved in a non-fiction book length project who wish to finish their manuscripts within the year. Subjects can include memoir, autobiography, 'how to' books and family histories. You can enroll regardless of what stage you are at with your book. All participants will be required to present a draft chapter each session. 

This is the third year this masterclass has been run at the Victorian Archives Centre with all participants from previous years completing family histories and other non-fiction works within the year, many utilising the records of Public Record Office Victoria and National Archives within their research. Some past participants have also crafted additional, history-based picture books for children in their families using their research.

Topics to be covered include:

  • pitching proposal
  • synopsis
  • title importance and non-boring elements
  • possible structures and narration perspectives
  • anecdultery and story shaping
  • formats
  • themes
  • research skills including interviewing
  • value of work-shopping chapters
  • editing
  • query letters
  • publishing processes and options
  • participants will also receive a short tour of the archives close archives Definition Records considered to have continuing or permanent value that have been, or will be, transferred to the custody of an archival organisation; also used to refer to the buildings in which archival records are stored and to organisation that have responsibility for archival records. during one of the sessions. 


The 2019 class will:

  • be limited to 25 participants
  • include 3-hour monthly sessions on the first Friday of each month throughout 2019, 10am to 1pm on the following dates:

4 January
1 February 
1 March 
5 April 
3 May 
7 June 
5 July 
2 August 
6 September 
4 October 
1 November 
6 December 

Participants should try to attend all 12 sessions in order close order Definition Physical records can be ordered for viewing in PROV’s reading rooms.  When a user orders a record, it is reserved solely for their use. to get the most out of the course. Hazel's invoiced fee is to be paid in full, direct to Hazel, at the first session. Hazel's fee is $600 plus GST ($660) for the year with no refunds if you decide to drop out before the end of the course. 



To register close register Definition A record in which transactions or activities are logged, usually in chronological or sequential order. for this course please contact Hazel Edwards via email at hazel@hazeledwards.com