Author: Public Record Office Victoria

Public Record Office Victoria welcomes the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Within Volume 8, Recordkeeping and information sharing, the report highlights the critical nature of good recordkeeping close recordkeeping Definition Making and maintaining complete, accurate and reliable evidence of business transactions in the form of recorded information. and effective information sharing and makes 23 recommendations for improving practices.

We are considering our response to the recommendations as a whole, but there are some things we can do right away. We are starting by revising Care Leaver information on our website, and ensuring that retention and disposal close disposal Definition A range of processes associated with implementing appraisal decisions which are documented in disposal authorities or other instruments. authorities require that records relating to child sexual abuse that has occurred, or is alleged to have occurred, be retained for at least 45 years.

We're working with the area of government responsible for coordinating the Victorian Government response and with the National Archives and the other State and Territory public record close public record Definition Any record made or received by a public officer in the course of his duties and any record made or received by a court or person acting judicially in Victoria. authorities on further actions to be taken. 

To read updates on Public Record Office Victoria's response to these recommendations please review the news section of our blog throughout 2018.