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We’ve made some tweaks to our search results page to make it easier to understand the collection! Watch our short tutorial video for an overview:



Try our new date slider. By typing in the dates or using the sliding bar, you can now search for a precise date range.




Our results now include field titles, so you can easily identify the date of the record, the name of the original record series close record series Definition A record series is a group of records which are recorded or maintained by the same agency (or agencies) and which: ·    are in the same numerical, alphabetical, chronological or other identifiable sequence; or ·    result from the same accumulation or filing process. A series is composed of items and can consist of a single item or several thousand items. It may be recorded by a single agency or by a succession of agencies. A Victorian Public Record Series is identified by the prefix VPRS followed by a space then a sequential number.   that it comes from, the government agency close agency Definition Any department, agency or office of the Government of Victoria that created it and even the citation close citation Definition A formal reference used to identify a record, or part of a record, within a publication, research or research notes. for future reference.




Family researchers will be happy to hear that our Wills and Probate records will now appear together in the search results, making it easier to find both essential records for family history research.




Look forward to less scrolling with our updated left hand menu! After date range, our most used option for narrowing choices is ‘physical or digital’ so it made sense to move this up. We’ve also added a ‘created by’ option so you can search by the government agency close government agency Definition Any department, agency or office of the Government of Victoria. which created the record.




Try out these new search features and let us know your thoughts! Contact us at feedback@prov.vic.gov.au

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