Tara Oldfield

Tara Oldfield
  • How long have you been working at PROV? I’ve been working at PROV since October 2014.


  • What is your role at PROV? I work with the Communications and Online Engagement team to promote the valuable records in PROV’s collection through various communications, promotions, media relations, website, social media and events.
  • How did you get into your current role? I gained a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University, majoring in Media and Communications. My first role out of university was with a public relations agency. I’ve since worked in communications for various State Government and not-for-profit organisations.


  • Why did you want to work at PROV? Being able to discover or re-discover stories of Victoria’s past appealed to me. There is a wealth of content here that we can pull from to engage and educate Victorians.


  • From when you arrive at the Victorian Archives Centre in the morning until you leave in the evening, what does a typical day look like? What I love most about working in communications is the variety. My day can go from responding to public questions on Facebook and planning events in the morning, to blog post and e-newsletter writing in the afternoon. I also enjoy taking time throughout the day to search through archive boxes to see what gems I can find for our audience. If I find something really special, and it’s timely, that’s when I’ll contact the media. There’s always plenty to do!


  • What is the most enjoyable aspect of your role? I most enjoy finding untold stories and unseen images in the archives and working with journalists to share them with Victorians. 


  • What has been your favourite project to work on? In February 2015 we opened an exhibition called School Days at Old Treasury Building. I really enjoyed promoting that exhibition as it generated a lot of nostalgia and discussion in the media and amongst our online audience.


  • What is the most important skill in your role? Writing is very important in this role and is the skill you use every day. Efficiency is also important!


  • What advice would you give to someone entering the field? What type of background would be most helpful? I always recommend starting out at an agency where you learn a wealth of skills that will see you through your career. You also get to work with many different clients and get a feel for what type of organisations you prefer to work with.