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October 29, 2018

What do I need to know?

Names of any individuals involved in correspondence

Year the activity may have taken place (1878-1886)

Keywords related to incident (e.g. Dr Singleton requests to visit Edward Kelly) 

How do I search?

Type in a name, keyword or  year (1878-1886).

About these records

This series contains files that largely document the Kelly related issues referred to the Chief Secretary’s Department by Victoria Police. 

Who created these records?

1878 - 1886 Chief Secretary's Department VA 475

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Click on the item close item Definition An item is a single recordkeeping object. A physical Item could be a group of pages fastened together to form a file, a single volume, card, map, photograph, film, sound recording, computer tape or any other document. Within a series there may be only one physical record Item or there may be several thousand or more. You can order physical Items for viewing in one of our reading rooms. within the records and download to view a digital copy. 

What are in these records?

This series consists of inward registered correspondence as received by the Chief Secretary's Office, Melbourne.

Memos, letters, telegrams, statements of claim