What do I need to know?

  • The year range during which the apprentice was employed
  • The name of the employer

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About these records

In PROV Reading Rooms you can access close access Definition Refers either to the process of providing records for researchers to use in PROV reading rooms, or to the process of determining if records should or should not be withheld from researchers for a period of time. records about the development of apprenticeship programs, some of which contain information about individual apprentices.

The only consolidated, but limited, sequence of information about apprentices is the Apprenticeship and Employer Data Reports. This covers, with some gaps, the period 1973-1994.

To apply for a duplicate Certificate of Completion or extract from the register close register Definition A record in which transactions or activities are logged, usually in chronological or sequential order. of apprentices, contact the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.

Next Steps

We hold a variety of records covering the development and implementation of apprenticeship programs from the 1920s to the 1980s. Explore the records of the Apprenticeship Commission, Industrial Training Commission, and State Training Board to learn more.

What are in these records?

The Apprenticeship and Employer Data Reports are yearly summary lists of data about apprentices and their employers. They contain:

  • name and registration number of employer
  • name and registration number of apprentice
  • address and phone number of employer
  • period of year apprentice was employed

The records also include ad hoc listings of employers and apprentices, sorted by registration number or trade.

Tip! As of September 1998 records post 1990 are not in the custody of the Public Record Office Victoria. For records from this period researchers should contact the State Training Board.