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How to get in touch with Public Record Office Victoria

For our Reading Room opening hours, closures and addresses scroll to the bottom of this page. 

I'm a researcher

Copy requests can be placed in person at our Reading Rooms, or online.

  • Step 1: Find the record first via search, and then you will be prompted to order it and to create an account (if you don't have one). 
  • Step 2: Write down the citation details (e.g. PROV, VPRS 1163/P1, Unit 744, 1883/291)
  • Step 3: Submit a Photocopy Order Form (Mailed to you)
  • OR  Submit a Digital Image Order Form (PDF digital copy emailed to you)   

There is a fee for this service. The prices are listed on this page about our copying services.

View this short video tutorial on locating the file on our website

A small number of probates from early 2017 are in the collection - you can search for the records on PROV’s index to wills and probate.

Otherwise, these records can be requested from the Supreme Court.


You can download for free a copy of the shipping or passenger list from Ancestry on the computers in our public reading room and then print it out.

  • Please note! You need to order your records before they can be copied.
  • Once you’ve found the records on PROV’s topic page on inquests, 
  • You will be prompted to login to the catalogue (or create an account) and then order the item 
  • write down the citation details (Series id and item number) 
  • Submit a Photocopy Order Form (Mailed to you by post) OR
  • Submit a Digital image order form (PDF digital copy emailed to you)   

Password Reset Form – Request a password reset or to obtain your UserID.

If you are from a Government agency please contact us directly via

You can provide feedback via our quarterly visitor satisfaction survey. These survey results help us improve our services in the Reading Room and online. The survey only takes five minutes to complete. Fill out the survey.

Enter the person’s name into PROV’s index to coronial investigations conducted by the Melbourne Coroner. They are also referred to as Body Cards.

This is our new website. Please help us improve it by sending your feedback to possible please include a link to any specific page you may be referring to.

The Public Works Department (VA 669) was responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of Victorian Government buildings such as schools, mental hospitals, government offices and other public buildings. PROV holds the plans created by the Public Works Department and its successor agency, the Building Services Agency (BSA). The drawings date from 1853 to 1998 and are a valuable resource for researching a range of properties in Victoria.

Next steps: As the plans are not available to view online, you will need to order the relevant plan and view at the Victorian Archives Centre Reading Room.

Step 1. Find the  the record(s) on the topic page Public Works Department plans

Step 2. You will be directed to the catalogue to order, or you will be directed to a copy of the plans on the microfilm listings page.

Note: If you would like to order many copies at once, the fastest method is to search on the microfilm listings page here. 


I'm from a government agency

Have you looked at our A-Z of recordkeeping topics?

Have you referred to our Transferring records to PROV or How long should records be kept pages?

Have you searched for PROV Standards and Retention and Disposal Authorities in our Document Library?

If you can’t find the information you require on our website please contact us via our online enquiry form.

Please fill out our feedback survey.

Also see our Service Charter which sets out our service standards and time frames and our complaints management process.


Have you read our guide on ordering and collecting government records?

If you can’t find the information you require please contact our Records Issues Office at

Please read our Government Services Program Statement which sets out the range of services that our clients and stakeholders can expect from the PROV Government Services.

You can keep up to date with the latest PROV government recordkeeping news by:

PROV also regularly hosts a Records Management Network (RMN) forum event for records professionals across the Victorian Public Sector.

Subscribe to the RMN mailing list here.

I'd like to volunteer

If you'd like to volunteer with us there are ongoing projects which you may wish to help us with. We do require volunteers to have a basic understanding of computers in order to assist us with the projects that are currently underway. 

Before contacting us read our volunteers information page.

Read about our current volunteer projects.

I have a media inquiry

Journalists please contact Tara Oldfield at or on 0418 698 364.

Reading Rooms in Victoria

See the address, a map and public transport directions to our Reading Room in North Melbourne via this link or for other regional offices look to the bottom of this page.  Free parking is available. 

Researchers who have ordered records can make photographic copies of those records using their own digital cameras or our cameras accessible in the Reading Rood. Each record must be listed on a copyright declaration form available in the Reading Room. The completed form is then submitted to the copy desk.

Note: The use of personal equipment such as USB drives and external hard disk drives on IT systems and resources (including computers, digital cameras and scanners) provided for public use in the Reading Room is undertaken entirely at the user’s own risk.  PROV does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or data corruption incurred as a result of the use of its IT systems or resources.

Media producers who wish to take photos of the Reading Room as a whole, or film in the space, must contact our communications team via outlining their photography/filming request. Note: we don't allow shoots in Reading Room hours as this would disturb researchers who may not want to be photographed/filmed. However out of hours arrangements can be made to accommodate most requests. 


At the bottom of our Contact us page you will find the opening hours for our North Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo Reading Rooms. Visit the webpages of the Geelong Heritage Centre and Beechworth’s Robert O'Hara Burke Museum for details on accessing public records at their Reading Rooms.

When you visit one of our Reading Rooms you will be asked to sign in and place your belongings in a locker (secure lockers are available at our reading rooms)

  • The following items can be brought into the reading room; pencils, loose leaf paper,  laptops, cameras. 
  • The following are not permitted in the reading room: pens, folders, clipboards or plastic sleeves, bags, containers of any kind, food or drink.

General enquiries

Please email us your enquiry using this online contact form before contacting us by phone.


T:  +61 3 9348 5600

F:  +61 3 9348 5656

P: PO Box 2100, North Melbourne, VIC 3051


The hearing and speech impaired can reach us through the National Relay Service

TTY users: 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 657 452.

Speak and Listen users: 1800 555 727 then ask for 1800 657 452.

Internet relay users: then ask for 1900 657 452.

Visit our Reading Rooms

In most cases it may be faster to visit a local Reading Room and ask our staff for assistance in researching our online catalogue and retrieving physical records to view.

Victorian Archives Centre
99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne

Public Transport Directions

Information on building accessibility can be found here.


  • Early closure 12pm Friday 14 December.
  • Christmas closure: 4.30pm Friday 21 December to 10am Wednesday 2 January. 
  • Saturday 26 January (replacement Saturday opening of 19 January 2019.)
Ballarat Archives Centre
State Government Offices, cnr Doveton and Mair Sts, Ballarat


  • Christmas closure: 4.30pm Tuesday 18 December to 10am Monday 7 January. 
Bendigo Regional Archives Centre
1st Floor Bendigo Library
251-259 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo


  • Christmas closure: Friday 21 December to Wednesday 6 February. 


Geelong Library and Heritage Centre
51 Little Malop Street, Geelong

Closed on public holidays. 

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