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November 3, 2017

Public Record Office Victoria holds thousands of record series close record series Definition A record series is a group of records which are recorded or maintained by the same agency (or agencies) and which: ·    are in the same numerical, alphabetical, chronological or other identifiable sequence; or ·    result from the same accumulation or filing process. A series is composed of items and can consist of a single item or several thousand items. It may be recorded by a single agency or by a succession of agencies. A Victorian Public Record Series is identified by the prefix VPRS followed by a space then a sequential number.   which relate to criminal convictions and court trials in Victoria.  We do not have guides for all the records available. We have listed the most popular record series below and how to locate court documents up until 1939.

Criminal trial briefs are the set of documents that make up the Crown Prosecutor’s case against an individual committed for trial in either the County or Supreme Court. The Inquest Deposition file close file Definition An accumulation of documents relating to the same subject, person, activity or transaction that are kept together.  Documents in a file are usually, but not always, fastened together.  Files are usually arranged in an identifiable sequence (e.g. numerical or alphabetical). forms part of this documentation, in most instances, where the charges relate to murder or manslaughter.


What do I need to know before I start?

In most cases you will need to know the name of the prisoner or accused, sometimes the case file number, the name of the court and the year they were tried. How to find the case number is explained within the topic pages.

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Criminal, civil and other cases heard in Victorian courts
Criminal cases heard in Victorian courts
(1841-1943) Record Series Number (VPRS): 30
Records of coronial investigations
Record Series Number (VPRS): 937
Record Series Number (VPRS): 515, 516