PROS 10/13 FS3c Preparation of Permanent Hardcopy Departmental Cabinet Records Fact Sheet should be used by departmental Cabinet and Legislation Liaison Officers (CLLOs) who have responsibility for the management of Cabinet-in-Confidence (CIC) records in their department.

It provides instructions on the compulsory preparation of permanent departmental CIC records for transfer to Cabinet Secretariat and subsequent transfer to Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) should a new government be elected.

For preparation of digital CIC records see PROS 10/13 FS3d Preparation of Permanent Digital Departmental Cabinet Records – PROV Requirements

For guidance on identifying permanent CIC records see PROS 10/13 FS3b Identifying Permanent and Temporary Cabinet-in-Confidence Departmental Records

For guidance on temporary records refer to the Cabinet Secretariat’s advice.