Last updated:

December 11, 2018

What is the IMMAP?

The Information Management Maturity Assessment Program (IMMAP) was launched by PROV in January 2016. The program requested seven departments and four key agencies that are members of the WoVG Information Management Group to undertake a survey assessment of their information management (IM) practices using PROV’s Information Management Maturity Measurement (IM3) tool.

Collation and analysis of IM maturity rating results delivered by PROV’s IM3 tool and the IMMAP provide:

  • A mechanism for identifying and initiating IM enhancement opportunities both within and across departments and agencies.
  • An evidence base which informs the strategic direction and priorities for IM decision makers across Victorian Government.


IMMAP reporting

PROV produced an Information Management Maturity Current State Assessment Report 2015-2016 in 2016 to provide an overview to senior government bodies and the wider IM community. The report outlines:

  • maturity level ratings for five departments and three agencies that completed the IM3 tool during 2015-2016 financial year
  • average maturity levels for various aspects of IM
  • recommendations for IM enhancement opportunities.

A 2017-18 report was completed in November 2018, indicating that 2015-16 participating departments and agencies maintained their ratings. Further findings and recommendations can be found in the full report, available to view here.

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Next steps

PROV aims to continue to run the IMMAP and collect, analyse and report on IM3 maturity level ratings every two years.

The next report will be issued in 2020 for 2019-2020 financial year.