About the project

PROV is undertaking a project to update PROS 07/01 Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of Common Administrative Functions.

The purpose of the RDA is to outline common types of records relating to functions such as finance, human resources and property management.

PROS 07/01 is currently our most widely used RDA in Victorian Government as it applies to all agencies. 


Why are we updating PROS 07/01?

PROS 07/01 was issued in April 2007 and has been only slightly varied since. 

Presently the RDA is written in a Function – Activity – Record Classes style. PROV would like to modernise the RDA to follow the new preferred 'rolled up' structure in order to streamline disposal and "future proof" the RDA as much as possible. 


Project approach

PROV plans to actively engage with Victorian Government agencies on the development of the new RDA. We will:

  • Initially seek feedback on PROS 07/01 to determine what works, what doesn’t, what classes are confusing and what gaps in coverage are there. (Feedback period has now closed).
  • Establish a reference group to help guide the appraisal, scope and format of the new disposal authority.
  • Seek various rounds of feedback from agencies on the draft RDA before it is issued.