What is VERS?

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) was formed by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) in 1995. The strategy seeks to:

  • develop and maintain standards, policies and tools to create, manage, transfer and access digital records
  • address the need for a cost-effective, long-term approach to the preservation of digital records.


History of VERS

Year Event
1995 VERS founded

VERS Version 1

VERS Standard PROS 99/007 Standard for the management of electronic records and accompanying specifications developed.


VERS Version 2

VERS Standard and Specifications were revised and two additional Specifications were added to PROS 99/007 Standard for the management of electronic records.

The VERS Centre of Excellence was established to oversee the development of a strategy for the initial rollout of VERS across the Victorian government and manage the construction of an electronic records repository (i.e. digital archive) at PROV.


VERS Version 3

New VERS Standard PROS 15/03 Standard for the encapsulation of digital information released.

VERS Version 3 was developed and released in advance of the deployment of the new PROV Digital Archive in 2018.


VERS Standard

VERS Standard

Standard for the long term management and preservation of digital records

Digital records transfer step-by-step


How to transfer digital records to PROV

VERS VEO toolkits

VERS VEO toolkits

Toolkits and technical support material for creating VEOs

VERS compliant products

VERS compliant products

Current products that meet technical specifications of the VERS Standard

Information for VERS vendors

magnified glass and code

Making your software or digital storage media product VERS compliant